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"We're getting back to first principles ... when means we're going to have some."

How to Define and Drive an Intentional Culture

David Friedman recently spoke to my Vistage peer groups about the most practical and effective way to embed culture in a company that I had ever heard. David started by asking my members how important each of their own cultures were from a scale of 1 to 5. Most answered…
7 Surefire Strategies to Rack up Regrets

7 Surefire Strategies to Rack Up Regrets

You may think I'm being a smart ass with this title, but I'm not. Every day you make choices. Each choice has consequences. Some consequences are "good" and some "bad." Consequences can't be avoided - every action has a reaction. While intuitively you know this - you may not appreciate…
The Key to Social Media

Social Media for Business: The Key Points

After leaving in 2009 (a free, live podcasting service my team and I built – check it out), I decided to write a book about how small and medium-size businesses can most effectively use social media. Fast forward five long years and my new book is called “How Can…