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Honoring commitments-02

Honoring Commitments

In this blog post, I’d like to provide some further insight into one of the Fundamentals that appears in every single one of our clients. In fact, it’s one that’s so foundational to success that we practically insist that it be included. We call it: Honor commitments. The foundation for…

What I learned from Clarence, the Blind Cat

Our local colony of feral cats knew that Clarence was different. He wasn’t quite like them. I suspect that he once had some human interaction in his life, because unlike the feral cats, he wouldn't run away from the slightest hint of human presence. He seemed quite gentle, and although…

Harnessing Peer Advantage to Climb Your Mountain

Sometimes, especially when we're part of a team, whether in business or in life, our desired goal can feel more like scaling a mountain than running a race because every day feels like an uphill climb.  Surround yourself with people who can look at this climb in the right way…