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It’s So Simple from the Outside In

Every process is perfectly constructed to produce the results it does. And we saw another example of this recently. The airline industry touts their customer focus, despite most people's experience to the contrary. Many people who work in the industry might like to help, but the process they work in…

The Power of Making Connections to Support Innovation

Terry M. Farmer, Ph.D., is co-founder of EiQ. Terry has over 20 years of experience in the areas of innovation, performance improvement, learning strategy, and organizational development. He has held several internal consulting and leadership positions within several organizations across multiple industries including Eaton, Nationwide Insurance, Rubbermaid Incorporated, and The…

Too Much Going On to Tackle Culture?

"We understand how important our culture is to success, and we'd love to be more intentional and systematic about our approach, but we have so many other initiatives going on right now, that it's just not the right time."  Does this sound familiar to you?  It's one of the most…