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Cheryl B. McMillan

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Did you ever regret how you reacted to a certain situation at work or home and wonder why you consistently react that way? If you knew how to react differently, would you change it? These are the people with whom that I work: business leaders who recognize the need to change and who seek increased business success and personal fulfillment. I thrive working with those individuals who truly want to be challenged.

As a Vistage Chair, I lead four full groups of non-competing business executives: two groups of CEO’s, Presidents and Business Owners, and two groups of Senior Executives who report directly to them. In these peer groups, I facilitate the process of my members challenging each other and giving honest, caring feedback in all aspects of their lives. Between the monthly meetings, I also provide executive coaching.

My 30-year plus career includes several leadership positions ranging from a hands-on Manager to President and Board Member. By leading difficult and complex projects, such as start-ups and mergers, I honed my unique combination of technical and people skills, and I discovered my love for working with people to accomplish change. Others describe me as having an ability to uncover hidden issues and succinctly summarize their essence.

Real personal change requires becoming aware before habitual reactions occur. The Vistage program and my executive coaching help leaders become more conscious and less reactionary which leads to better results in business while living a happier personal life.

Recent Posts by Cheryl

Q4 2016 Vistage CEO Confidence Index Results

Q4 2016 Vistage CEO Confidence Index Results: CEO Optimism Surges

Q4 2016 Vistage CEO Confidence Index Results: CEO Optimism Surges CEOs expressed record increases in optimism about economic prospects following the election. The Vistage CEO Confidence Index jumped to 105.2 in the Q4 survey, up from 91.4 in the 3rd quarter, and the second-largest increase since 2003. The expected upsurge…

CEO’s More Optimist: November, 2016 Confidence Index Results

CEOs Gain Confidence as a Result of the Presidential Election Results The post-election November survey of small business CEOs recorded a 5.9% gain in economic confidence from October, and the first year-to-year gain in the Confidence Index since July of 2015. CEOs provided more favorable assessments on all Index components, with the…

After the Election Economic: Analysis and Advice for CEOs and Business Owners

Economic analysis and advice for CEOs and Business owners Wondering what actions to take, given the elections results? Check out the results in the report, After the Election: Economic Analysis and Advice for CEOs and Business Owners, featuring analysis from Dr. Richard Curtin, Research Professor at University of Michigan, Ami Kassar, Vistage member…

Who Are You, Really?

The Dangers of Outsourcing Customer Ordering We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. Jeff Bezos, CEO In order to be compatible with Apple's…

EC=MC The new law of marketing

Northeast Ohio has a plethora of great companies. Smart Business Network is one of those. They have a newer division, Convero, a research, strategy and content marketing firm focused on audience engagement and building stronger relationships one conversation at a time. Lee Koury, Managing Director, has written this post about…

It’s Not My Fault!

It’s Not My Fault! "People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances." -- George Bernard Shaw I was driving to a member’s office when I noticed a bumper sticker on the truck in front of me that said “Don’t move firewood, it bugs…

2016 Vistage CEO Confidence Index survey- Q1

August, 2016 WSJ/Vistage Confidence Index CEOs expressed greater concerns about the outlook for the domestic economy but remained upbeat about their own firm’s prospects in the Q1 2016 Vistage CEO Confidence Index survey. [caption id="attachment_9856" align="alignleft" width="316"] confidence index[/caption] Below are some key highlights: 54% of CEOs plan to expand their…

10 Steps to Polish Your Rough Executive Team

"A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together." --Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe A diverse Executive Team of talented, strong, diverse individuals is a great thing, right? Diversity can promote passionate discussions, provides multiple perspectives, create a richer range of options, and, ultimately produce better decisions.…

How Does Your Personality Affect Your Leadership?

After the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was selected as the CEO of Apple, Inc. Cook's personality is very different from his predecessor's, and just like you, his personality influences how he leads his company. There are many ways to evaluate personalities and my preferred system is The Enneagram…

Are Your Leadership Barriers Harming Your Company?

Barriers are obstacles that prevent peak performance. How many are you unintentionally creating in your company? Leadership barriers start at the top and their impact affects your whole organization. The symptoms of these barriers take many forms and hide in many places including your culture, processes, and strategy. Worst of…
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