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The Case For Adopting #YearOfThePeer in 2017

In 2017, I’m convinced that, together, we will inspire a positive change in the way we engage one another in business and in life.  If you contribute to the Year of the Peer in just one small way, you’ll see how effective the power of peers, the power of “us”, can…

Do You Feel Like a Sardine?

On Saturday morning I spoke before a great audience on Cannery Row in Monterey, California. Ocean View Avenue was renamed "Cannery Row" in honor of John Steinbeck's novel, published in 1945. A film was released in 1982 and a stage production in 1995. The picture below is from According…
Ritz Carlton Way

In Your Effort To Please, Are You Giving Away The Store?

Much has been written about The Ritz Carlton Way. The takeaway I always hear is "empower your front line employees to deliver WOW experiences". Today many other organizations follow this Ritz Carlton Way. The intent of this approach is to allow employees to resolve a customer situation and have the customer…

Leading by Example

Leading by Example Have you ever read those surveys that examine the primary reasons why employees choose to either stay with an employer or leave?  In most of those studies, at the top of the list is an employee's relationship with their direct manager or supervisor.  Why is this?  Because…
blue ocean

How To Find Your Blue Ocean Strategy®: Step 1

  The phenomenally successful book, "Blue Ocean Strategy" by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, powerfully teaches business leaders of all stripes how to "go where the profits and growth are and the competition isn’t." As a trained practitioner in Blue Ocean Strategy® who has been working with clients for years on how…

The 5 Levels of Leadership – How to Identify and Improve Yours

Personal Bio: In my 20+ years working as an organizational psychologist, I’ve worked with leaders at all levels. From the shiny new boss full of energy and enthusiasm (but not much awareness), to the battle-worn executive who has become tired and cynical. I’m happily married to my wife Rita. We…

Forget Your Passwords Because LastPass Remembers Them.

Forget Your Passwords Because LastPass Remembers Them. Here’s what you need to know about passwords- 80% of the world’s so called hacking is due to bad ones! You should use long, complicated passwords and you should never use the same password twice. The most common password is ‘123456’. If your…

CEO’s More Optimist: November, 2016 Confidence Index Results

CEOs Gain Confidence as a Result of the Presidential Election Results The post-election November survey of small business CEOs recorded a 5.9% gain in economic confidence from October, and the first year-to-year gain in the Confidence Index since July of 2015. CEOs provided more favorable assessments on all Index components, with the…

After the Election Economic: Analysis and Advice for CEOs and Business Owners

Economic analysis and advice for CEOs and Business owners Wondering what actions to take, given the elections results? Check out the results in the report, After the Election: Economic Analysis and Advice for CEOs and Business Owners, featuring analysis from Dr. Richard Curtin, Research Professor at University of Michigan, Ami Kassar, Vistage member…

A Brief Review of Deming’s 14 Points of Management

A Brief Review of Deming’s 14 Points of Management These 14 points are from Deming’s 1982 book, Out of Crisis. Almost 25 years later, these ideas still resonate. Some are even “new” management fads today. And others have only gained lip service. Origin of the 14 points. The 14 points…
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