Stop Doing One More Thing

one more thing

During my first six years of leading executive peer groups of CEOs and business owners, or key executives, several themes have consistently arisen. One of those is:

I’m working too much, jeopardizing my family, my health, my health and — ironically (because too much work can be counter-productive), even my business. 

How does this happen?

Here’s one small, but frequent way people overwork: doing one more thing.

When I do it, it sounds like me, saying to myself: “I’m just going to do one more thing.”

Often, I’m sitting in front of my computer — at my desk, or in a coffee shop — or with my smartphone in hand, and I finish the task at hand. I glance at the clock and I know that I’ve done enough, and I have a place to go, a man to see about a horse, and I suddenly develop a case of Butt Glue. I don’t move. I think, “I’m just going to do one more thing.”

  • I look at my To Do List and start to tackle one more thing.
  • I visit my inbox and start to reply to one more thing.
  • I check my calendar and start to fiddle with the future.

Or I open a new box, fresh from Pandora (the first woman on earth according to Greek mythology, not the music service):

  • I check the news.
  • I check social media. (I check to see if anyone commented on my recent post. More on this at the end.)
  • I check my photo stream to delete duplicate photographs.

What Would Happen If I Didn’t Do One More Thing?

Here are the things that might wait for another day:

  • Responding to folks who are waiting for replies that might be important to them, but aren’t essential to me.
  • Emptying the inbox.
  • Getting caught up on my essential email. (I think I’ll do that now. I like to live at Inbox Zero.)
  • Write a poem.
  • Prepare for something that can wait.
  • See what payments have cleared my checking account.
  • Check on the national buffoonery.

Oh, and this would happen today and now:

But first, one more thing.

Nope. Not one more thing.

What A Coincidence!

As I’m typing this, without my telling him this topic, Matt Slaybaugh, my friend, creative mentor, and human writing prompt, says, “I edited the apps on my iPhone to make it a Distraction Free iPhone.” What a coincidence! He didn’t know my topic today. I’m going to do the same now.

One More Thought: A Catalyst For Not Doing One More Thing.

Here’s what sparked me to cut my social media consumption to nearly zero.

Acacia Duncan, a coaching co-mentor, friend, and creative role model, said, “I noticed I was constantly checking whether people had commented on my Facebook posts.”

Ouch. I was doing that compulsively. I abruptly ending that grind — and recovered so much of my life.


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