Never Give Up Super Bowl Lesson?

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Super Bowl 51 was an amazing game Sunday evening. It was played at NRG Stadium in Houston. The Super Bowlpicture below is from the Houston Chronicle:

Until the middle of the 3rd Quarter of the game, after an exciting halftime show by Lady Gaga, the Atlanta Falcons seemed to be in control. They led the New England Patriots by a score of 28 to 3.

Never, in the history of the Super Bowl, had a time won when they were at a 10 point deficit. Never before had there been an overtime game.

Both of those marks were changed Sunday as Tom Brady brought his team back, tied the game at 28 with seconds remaining, and then won it in overtime.

Most anyone watching the game, including me, thought that this one, in the 3rd Quarter, was going to be Atlanta’s first Super Bowl victory in the team’s 51 year history.

The Atlanta team, and their inspiring second year coach Dan Quinn, deserve a lot of credit for an amazing season and for getting to the Super Bowl. I have a feeling that they will be back after this 34 to 28 loss.

But the big story Sunday was the huge comeback from what seemed impossible odds.

How Far Could We Get With This Attitude?  

There’s something about the calm, never give up attitude of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl that can teach all of us an important lesson. He focused on one play after another, looked for small victories along the way, and realized that the game wasn’t over until it was over.

What if we had the same attitude whenever things didn’t work the way we had expected? If we weren’t making the progress we thought we should make? When disappointments seem larger than our will to come back?

According to Napoleon Hill, in the book “Think and Grow Rich”, he relates that “definiteness of purpose” and “going the extra mile” make the big difference between ordinary accomplishments and amazing results.

If this is something that you need to improve, perhaps the following affirmation will help:

A Never Give Up Affirmation 

“I have written down a definite purpose dealing with my most important goal and I always go the extra mile!”  

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. You are a Champion! Have a powerful week!

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