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In my 20+ years working as an organizational psychologist, I’ve worked with leaders at all levels. From the shiny new boss full of energy and enthusiasm (but not much awareness), to the battle-worn executive who has become tired and cynical. I’m happily married to my wife Rita. We live in Buffalo New York, but can be often found traveling or visiting our college-aged kids in the Midwest.

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The Benefits of Stress

    Thank you Chip, for the remind that stress is not always a bad thing!   It's that time of the year again. The nail-biting, hand-wringing, buzzer-beating, stress-packed world of March Madness! We've seen just two rounds played, but I'm struck by the amount of pressure these "kids" endure…

9 Life Lessons From Nashville Bars

Life Lessons are everywhere. The task is to slow down and find them. The trick is to apply them to your situation. Let’s see how the lessons I observed can be applied to you! This winter I’m working from Nashville. As expected – this town is amazing! What I didn’t…

Leading With Vulnerability

  The NFL Playoffs have begun! I love seeing and feeling the passion in a Playoff game - the intensity is palatable. This week, I was also struck by the intensity and power of the hits players endure. I forget, sitting on my comfortable couch, these are 250+ pound guys,…

The 5 Levels of Leadership: Where Are You?

Last week, I interviewed a job candidate and asked about her "Master Plan" - in other words, where she intended her career to go. Without a pause - she said: "I want to get into leadership." Doing my best Columbo act, I asked: "What does that mean? While she looked at me…

Do Something! Don’t Be A Bystander

The Train Wreck: I voted this week. What should be a moment of red, white and blue pride was far from it. I selected from two people for whom I have no respect. Yet, with the stroke of my pen, I officially advocated for one to be President of the…

Do You Dream Big Enough?

  "If your dreams don't scare you - they're not big enough!" I saw this sign during a recent vacation and have not been able to stop thinking about it. In fact, my wife bought me the mug for Father's Day so I can obsess on a daily basis (thanks…
ValutisThe Secret to Developmental Plans That Really Work

How to Create a Developmental Plan

Leaders are like fruit - you are either ripening or rotting. In today's dynamic and rapidly changing environment, no one can remain perfectly "ripe." If you try to hold the line and remain static, your organization (and world) move past and you fall behind and begin to decline. Consider this…

Are You Failing Enough?

Happy New Year! With 2016 just days away, my wish for you is failure - lots of it! Yup - you heard me right, but before you click away, let me explain... Long ago my father gave me a warning. At the time, I let it go in one ear…
4 Words to Ensure You Stay in Control of Your Life

How To Develop Your Functional Mission Statement

  I spend a lot of time thinking (and writing) about growth, development and being "deliberate." Not surprising, I read a lot of books and articles to help build my knowledge and expertise. What continues to amaze me is how many articles there are that emphasize having a Life Purpose, Personal…

How You Creating Regret?

Every day you make choices. Each choice has consequences. Some consequences are "good" and some "bad." Consequences can't be avoided - every action has a reaction. While intuitively you know this - you may not appreciate that Regret is a common consequence. I see it all the time. Sometimes the regret is…
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