It’s All About Your People

Yes, CEO, Meetings ARE Valuable

  Recently, a CEO member in one of my Vistage Peer Advisory Groups,  asked what I meant when I told him that 80-90% of a CEO's time should be spent in meetings.  If that sounds like too much, consider that anytime you are with another person and one of you…


  If you are like most CEO’s, you often have a love-hate relationship with your employees. Here are a variety of blogs that I found about employees that might help improve your relationships with them: Help Your Employees Maintain their Sanity Employees can’t appreciate the “extras” that leaders may offer…

Eliminate Mediocrity in Your C Suite!

Even if you are motivated by the best intentions, tolerating mediocrity by you, the CEO, is one of the most common and devastating practices. Like a bad case of flu, mediocrity in your Executive Team will quickly spread throughout your entire organization. Here are three reasons why: Poor or average…

Leadership and CEO Skills Review

Leadership. It is hard to imagine a more talked-about subject in the business world; and for good reason.  Doing it effectively is difficult!  Here are a few blogs about leadership that I found helpful, and I think that you might too: Conventional wisdom (or maybe urban legend?) says that leaders…

CEO Wake Up Call: Get Out of Your Senior Executive’s Way and Lead

    Is most of your success attributed to your great execution? Were you a master at getting things done? As a result of your "doing" orientation, did your company grow? Now do you have a problem with execution or growth? Is your company too big to keep up your…

Decoding Meeting Success: The Need For a Neutral Facilitator

Are you ever disappointed with the level of participation in  your meetings? If so, you are not alone. This is one of the biggest complaints I hear about meetings from my CEO members. In any meeting, regardless of its size or purpose, there are three roles that you can play:…

Decoding Meeting Success: Using a Detailed Agenda

Does it seem like you are always in a meeting (defined as 2 or more people coming together for business purposes)? Do you feel like you are not getting any “real work” done? Do you dread attending meetings because they are dull, unproductive, disorganized and too long? Whether you measure…

What Makes a Person Accountable Part 2: Accountability Models

In my previous blog, I stated that if you want accountable employees, you must teach them the basic knowledge and follow up with continuous coaching.  Here are two Accountability models that you can use for that purpose: Accountability Models Arbinger Institute Model The Arbinger model is based upon a simple…

What Makes a Person Accountable?

Are you as sick of the “blame game” as I am? Occupy Wall Street protestors blame the "nasty, greedy, wealthy" companies and their executives for their suffering. Politicians spin stories about how the current economy is someone else's fault. Retail workers claim it’s not their fault that a product is…
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It’s All About the People!

Using Developmental One-to-One’s “It’s all about the people.” This is a favorite phrase of my members when referring to the performance and value of their businesses.Therefore,  it’s not surprising that developing people is a vital function of the CEO role. There is little doubt that an aligned and motivated workforce…
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