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The Three Ingredients to Asking Open Questions: Ingredient #2-Manage Your Interference

In my last blog, I reviewed the first ingredient of asking open questions- showing up with the intention to learn and understand. The second ingredient is becoming aware of, and managing, your interference. What is interference? It is actually two things. First, it’s that incessant voice we all have in…

The Three Ingredients to Asking Open Questions: Ingredient #1-The Intention to Learn and Understand

Peter Drucker said "...the leader of the past knew how to tell.  The leader of the future will know how to ask."  How well do you listen and ask open questions? Most members of my Peer Advisory Groups find it very difficult. Listening has two parts: the receptive part of…

The Secret to Staying Organized (and Sane): Only Think About Things Once!

Difficulty with focus and organization is a frequent topic during my monthly one-to-one sessions with my members.  As leaders of their businesses, they often feel overwhelmed, by the sheer volume of their outstanding action items. Some of these get captured in various places while many just float in their heads.…

Wisdom From Thought Leaders at the recent Vistage “Think Big” Conference

Last month, Vistage held it’s International Conference (“Think Big”) for its Members and Chairs. We listened to some outstanding keynote speakers. Here are my favorites   Itay Talgam: “Lead Like the Great Conductors” Internationally renowned conductor Itay Talgam shared his observations that the essential elements of conducting the flow of…

Yes, CEO, Meetings ARE Valuable

  Recently, a CEO member in one of my Vistage Peer Advisory Groups,  asked what I meant when I told him that 80-90% of a CEO's time should be spent in meetings.  If that sounds like too much, consider that anytime you are with another person and one of you…

What You Can Learn From Reagan’s Leadership

Veteran Vistage speaker and former number two in the CIA during Ronald Reagan's Presidency*, Herb Meyer recently spoke to my four Peer Advisory Groups. He is widely credited as having been the first senior official to predict the fall of the Soviet Union. Nearly 30 years later, Herb is still…


  If you are like most CEO’s, you often have a love-hate relationship with your employees. Here are a variety of blogs that I found about employees that might help improve your relationships with them: Help Your Employees Maintain their Sanity Employees can’t appreciate the “extras” that leaders may offer…

Eliminate Mediocrity in Your C Suite!

Even if you are motivated by the best intentions, tolerating mediocrity by you, the CEO, is one of the most common and devastating practices. Like a bad case of flu, mediocrity in your Executive Team will quickly spread throughout your entire organization. Here are three reasons why: Poor or average…

Leadership and CEO Skills Review

Leadership. It is hard to imagine a more talked-about subject in the business world; and for good reason.  Doing it effectively is difficult!  Here are a few blogs about leadership that I found helpful, and I think that you might too: Conventional wisdom (or maybe urban legend?) says that leaders…

CEO Wake Up Call: Get Out of Your Senior Executive’s Way and Lead

    Is most of your success attributed to your great execution? Were you a master at getting things done? As a result of your "doing" orientation, did your company grow? Now do you have a problem with execution or growth? Is your company too big to keep up your…
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