Leadership Skills

Lack Of Clarity

“The second requirement for building a healthy organization—creating clarity—is all about achieving alignment…Within the context of making an organization healthy, alignment is about creating so much clarity that there is as little room as possible for confusion, disorder, and infighting to set in. Of course, the responsibility for creating that…

Productivity: Time Wasters, Hacks and Doing Less

It seems that everyone is suffering from too much to do. There are countless consultants willing to help, though, with advice on how to accomplish more with your scarce and valuable time. The following  is a collection of blogs and articles that provide some thought-provoking advice on workload and productivity.…

The Many Aspects of Leadership

Leadership is a broad term that covers many aspects.  Here are a few articles that address and explore some of these: Inspirational Quotes First, some inspiration, a LinkedIn Article on 35 Leadership Quotes that Will Inspire You.   Take the Blame From childhood, most of us try to avoid responsibility…

What Makes a Good Leader?

Are there any real secrets to leadership? Probably not.  Even so, leadership is one of the most written about subjects. Here are a variety of articles about leadership that sound deceptively simple and are difficult to do well. Expanded awareness is a different state of consciousness. It is a place…

Failure is Your Friend?!

With the best intentions, I made a whopper of a bad decision a couple of weeks ago. It affected others, and almost immediately they began to express their intense disagreement and feelings about it. I took some deep breaths and tried to calm the sick feeling in my stomach. After…

Don’t Do This! Lessons Learned From Failed CEO’s

Once attained, there’s no guarantee of repeat success for any of us, but we can help keep the odds in our favor by learning from the mistakes and misfortunes of others. Here are some valuable lessons of what NOT to do:    Who’s REALLY Killing Best Buy? Many feel that…

How Do You Define Success?

        "What does success look like?” I often ask my members when they are discussing a problem, challenge or opportunity.  During my last Peer Advisory Board meetings, I asked my members to reflect on their lives and careers and share their “big picture” definitions of success.  Here…

Free Yourself with a Fearless Front Line

Ray Attiyah, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Definity Partners, a training, process, and leadership improvement firm, recently spoke to one of my Key Executive Peer Advisory Groups. Do you want to grow your business and develop new markets or products? According to Ray Attiyah, there is best way to…

Do I Have to Meet with YOU? What To Do When You Hate One-to-One Meetings With Your Direct Report

Vistage CEO Coaches recommend that their CEO and Senior Executive members meet monthly with each of their direct-reports for a developmental one-to-one (“121”) meeting . While very important, sometimes, these meetings just don't work and you may find yourself dreading a meeting with a certain direct-report. Do you wonder why,…

The Three Ingredients to Asking Open Questions: Ingredient #3-Technique

    So far we have covered the first two ingredients of asking open questions. The third ingredient is the easiest. It is the technique or how you word the questions.  When asking open questions, avoid all traces of a suggestion, action, recommendation, etc.  Use “What…”, “How…”, “Tell me more…
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