Managing Yourself


Are Your Leadership Barriers Harming Your Company?

Barriers are obstacles that prevent peak performance. How many are you unintentionally creating in your company? Leadership barriers start at the top and their impact affects your whole organization. The symptoms of these barriers take many forms and hide in many places including your culture, processes, and strategy. Worst of…

What I learned from Clarence, the Blind Cat

Our local colony of feral cats knew that Clarence was different. He wasn’t quite like them. I suspect that he once had some human interaction in his life, because unlike the feral cats, he wouldn't run away from the slightest hint of human presence. He seemed quite gentle, and although…

“I Am a Badass!” Practicing Emotional Resilience

“People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the real badasses.” Brene Brown I write a lot about managing emotions, but it’s not because I am an expert. One reason that I do it is to improve my own skills. Recently, I had an…
ValutisThe Secret to Developmental Plans That Really Work

How to Create a Developmental Plan

Leaders are like fruit - you are either ripening or rotting. In today's dynamic and rapidly changing environment, no one can remain perfectly "ripe." If you try to hold the line and remain static, your organization (and world) move past and you fall behind and begin to decline. Consider this…
Start each day in 2016 with an inquiry

Start Each Day in 2016 With An Inquiry

One of our favorite rituals associated with the start of a new year is resolving to change our unwanted behaviors or improve ourselves in various ways. While well-intentioned, more often than not our resolutions fail. This year, instead of making resolutions, do something different: every day, ask yourself one or…

Are You Failing Enough?

Happy New Year! With 2016 just days away, my wish for you is failure - lots of it! Yup - you heard me right, but before you click away, let me explain... Long ago my father gave me a warning. At the time, I let it go in one ear…
4 Words to Ensure You Stay in Control of Your Life

How To Develop Your Functional Mission Statement

  I spend a lot of time thinking (and writing) about growth, development and being "deliberate." Not surprising, I read a lot of books and articles to help build my knowledge and expertise. What continues to amaze me is how many articles there are that emphasize having a Life Purpose, Personal…

How You Creating Regret?

Every day you make choices. Each choice has consequences. Some consequences are "good" and some "bad." Consequences can't be avoided - every action has a reaction. While intuitively you know this - you may not appreciate that Regret is a common consequence. I see it all the time. Sometimes the regret is…
15 signs your life may be in decline

Is Your Life In Decline?

While I may sound like "Debbie Downer" - I have a news flash: Decline is inevitable. Bear with me. I love working with people who work hard and accomplish goals. Maybe that's you. If so, you can relate - nothing is better than experiencing your definition of success and contentment…

Demonstrate Leadership With Your Emotional Self-Regulation and Maturity

If I asked you to name someone who is emotionally immature, who comes to mind? Maybe it’s an adult acting like the kid throwing his phone in this Nationwide commercial. Hopefully, its not you! In the business environment, emotions still take second seat to logic, even though the work of…
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