Peer Advisory Groups


What to Expect at a Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Group Meeting

Hello. My name is Bill. Today is my first Vistage meeting. It is 8:00 A.M., and as I walk through the door of the conference room, the butterflies in my stomach, from both excitement and nervousness take flight. As I walk in I see groups of members in deep conversation.…

What Makes a Great Vistage Chair and Executive Coach?

Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together successful CEOs, executives, and business owners into private peer advisory groups. From the beginning, Chairs have been the heart of what makes the Vistage experience so valuable to its members. “Chair” (short for Chairperson) is the title of the person who leads a…

Key Executive Program

After chief decision-makers of an organization join Vistage, they often become frustrated with implementing what they learn for two reasons: They can have difficulty explaining key points of Vistage speakers as well as the presenter. Then, their Key executives may not share the same level of enthusiasm for change as…

The Member Selection Process

How Do I Join Vistage? As you can imagine, fit and chemistry between members and their Vistage Chair are critical to a well-functioning peer group. My member selection process takes the time necessary to ensure that new members are a good fit and that there are no conflicts with existing…

How Does Accountability Work in A Peer Group?

In workshops I’ve been conducting with CEO and executive peer groups across the country recently, group members are challenged to assess their overall performance (and develop an action plan for improvement) using the five factors common to high performing peer groups as described in The Power of Peers: How the…

In 2017, Share How A Peer Has Helped You

In 2017, I’m convinced that, together, we will inspire a positive change in the way we engage one another in business and in life.  If you contribute to the Year of the Peer in just one small way, you’ll see how effective the power of peers, the power of “us”, can…

Do You Have a Learning Team?

  Who’s On Your (Learning) Team? Last fall, I delivered the keynote address to the graduates of Seton Hall University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership (MASCL) program.   What you need to know about these students/mid-to-senior level executives is that they braved this program, not just as individuals,…

Harnessing Peer Advantage to Climb Your Mountain

Sometimes, especially when we're part of a team, whether in business or in life, our desired goal can feel more like scaling a mountain than running a race because every day feels like an uphill climb.  Surround yourself with people who can look at this climb in the right way…
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