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Using Influence Mapping To Optimize Marketing ROI

The two hottest topics in marketing today are "Social Marketing" and "Marketing ROI." In this paper, you will see how understanding the true nature of Social Marketing points to a methodology — Influence Mapping — that provides marketing managers with a means to optimize their Marketing ROI. "Social Marketing is…

Reaching Your Audience

Recently, the president of a prominent museum asked me which social media tool she should use to reach her audience. It’s a great question that all of us should be asking on behalf our own businesses and organizations. Pick the wrong venue and you’re unlikely to connect with your audience.…

LinkedIn is About to Become Much More Important to Your Business

Departing from my usual role as an observer and reporter, allow me to be a futurist. If you don’t want to read conjecture (that may turn out to be fake news in a few years), click to another blog now. OK, you’re still reading and properly “on notice”. I’ve always…

The Brand Experience Myth

Many brands continue to lose relevance, value, and profitability. Much is written about how "marketing" needs to fix this. Talk abounds about consumer experience, purpose driven brands, etc. It's all misdirected. We accept that consumer experience and connection with your company's purpose can create stronger brand loyalty. It's the "icing…

EC=MC The new law of marketing

Northeast Ohio has a plethora of great companies. Smart Business Network is one of those. They have a newer division, Convero, a research, strategy and content marketing firm focused on audience engagement and building stronger relationships one conversation at a time. Lee Koury, Managing Director, has written this post about…
sales team

Daniel Pink is Wrong… At Least When It Comes to Professional Sales People

Daniel Pink is Wrong … At Least When It Comes to Professional Sales People Much has been written over decades on how to compensate sales people to achieve optimal results. The answers are all over the map. Daniel Pink’s best seller, Drive, advocated for intrinsic rewards not extrinsic, such as…
How Money floats

How Much Is Marketing Really Worth To Your Company?

How Much Is Marketing Really Worth To Your Company? Well, there’s an often asked question. How do you answer it? We’ve seen and heard CMOs, VPs of Marketing, etc. scramble to create an answer to this question. Articles are written regularly on the importance of quantifying Marketing ROI and similar…
target the need

How Well Do You Align With Your Market’s Needs?

If you a running a competitive business these days, you already have world-class operations (if you didn’t, you’d be out of business or on the short path there to.) That is, you have already applied process technology and process management to your operations. That’s the good news. The bad news?…

Roles of Marketing Pt. 3

In my prior two posts on the roles of Marketing (part 1 & part 2), I reviewed the three roles of Strategic Marketing, Product Management, and Product Marketing. In this third and final installment on the roles of Marketing I will review Marketing Communications. Marketing Communications or Marketing Services is…

Roles of Marketing Pt. 2

In the first post in this series on the Roles of Marketing, I discussed the important first role, Strategic Marketing. In this post, we are going to review the next two roles Product Management and Product Marketing. Before I get too far into this discussion, let’s deal with the term…
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