Cybersecurity Concerns for a Remote Workforce

I’m sure you are getting a lot of these emails, who isn’t? While we will definitely give you some tips through the course of this article, just know that if you have been a customer of one of our assessment products, you already likely have this covered. Vestige has been…


Original post here The truth about CyberSecurity is that every organization, regardless of the size and significance, IS a target of CyberCrime; the problem is we only hear about “the big ones” in the mainstream media. But dig just a little and you’ll learn, for instance, that 62% of Cyber…

Bring Your Own Device or Disaster?

Original post here Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is jokingly referred to around Vestige as “Bring Your Own Disaster”.  While it offers a great opportunity to reduce costs and make employees happy, it’s still crucial to protect your organization’s data. Growing In Popularity BYOD had its genesis probably about 10…
Is Your Backup Really Safe?

Is Your Backup Really Safe?

Today’s Threat Landscape Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) was recently released.  Once again Vestige was an official Contributor to the report, and we are quite proud to be asked to assist in the data gathering that went into the DBIR.  While confidentiality is key in our business, information sharing that…
Reduce email clutter; try Slack!

Reduce Email Clutter: Try Slack

What if I could show you how to improve your team’s productivity by one hour … for every employee … on every workday of the year. That would be equivalent to growing your workforce by roughly 15% without paying a single dollar more. I recently met a CEO in Portland,…

Podcasts and Podcasting

You’ve probably heard about the recent changes at Facebook to show more content from friends and family and less content from publishers and brands. Arrrggghhh! Well, even without the constant algorithm changes by the various services, there are (at least) two things that are incredibly hard about social media and…


I’m listening to the first episode of the Exponential Wisdom podcast and heard an absolutely astounding prediction. In the next decade, we’ll see a 1,000X (AKA 100,000%) increase in information, an important measure of change. The hosts, Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan, went on to predict that same would happen…

Killing Those Killer Distractions

A few months ago, I wrote about how autonomous vehicles (AKA self-driving cars) would usher in countless new behaviors such as enjoying a glass of wine during the ride home from work. It turns out that most of us, 71% according to AT&T, are already doing the equivalent of drinking…

Reaching Your Audience

Recently, the president of a prominent museum asked me which social media tool she should use to reach her audience. It’s a great question that all of us should be asking on behalf our own businesses and organizations. Pick the wrong venue and you’re unlikely to connect with your audience.…

LinkedIn is About to Become Much More Important to Your Business

Departing from my usual role as an observer and reporter, allow me to be a futurist. If you don’t want to read conjecture (that may turn out to be fake news in a few years), click to another blog now. OK, you’re still reading and properly “on notice”. I’ve always…
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