Upgrades Can Be A Nightmare.

Upgrades Can Be A Nightmare. I had a bad dream last night but as with most dreams, there’s probably something valuable in it. I’m sure Freud would agree. I’m decades out of college so it wasn’t one of those I showed up for the exam and forgot to study dreams.…

Your Name Doesn’t Have to be Target – to be One!

Your Name Doesn’t Have to be Target – to be One! The truth about CyberSecurity is that every organization, regardless of the size and significance, IS a target of CyberCrime; the problem is we only hear about “the big ones” in the mainstream media.  But dig just a little and…
internet of things

The Internet of Things

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)! In 2015, there were reportedly 20 billion devices online. By 2020, that number will balloon to 50 billion. I’m certainly doing my part to help us get there. The first “thing” that I added to the IoT was a gardencam. I garden…

Do One Thing Well …

… Not two things poorly. We’ve all heard the saying but as with many things, it’s easier to say than to do. Deviating from my usual script, I’m not going to share an app or a social media tool this time, but instead tell a story about Apple. I’m thinking…

LinkedIn – Three Rules for Connecting (and Other Advice)

Here’s a key concept to keep in mind when using LinkedIn: You should request and accept connections with only known and trusted business associates. When it comes to connections, LinkedIn is about quality, not quantity. Your network will degrade to useless noise the more often you connect with people that…
Waze Logo_White

Social GPS

None of us is as smart as all of us … especially when it comes to navigating. If you want to get to your destination faster, safer, and more predictably, it’s time to become a Wazer. To be a Wazer, all you need to do is to download a free…

Keywords (Getting Found)

Every day, half of all Internet traffic starts with a search. Half! People are looking for what you do before they know your company’s name. In today’s noisy social media world, your choice is to be known for one thing … or nothing. Social media is valuable because in contrast…
social media

A Social Media “Publication Calendar”

Fabulous! You’ve tasked someone with being your “social media manager”. They’ve setup your new social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and a blog (hopefully using WordPress from a hosting provider such as GoDaddy). They’ve registered and verified each of your business locations with GoogleMyBusiness, which includes Google+. Even though Google is…

Social Media for Business: The Key Points

After leaving in 2009 (a free, live podcasting service my team and I built – check it out), I decided to write a book about how small and medium-size businesses can most effectively use social media. Fast forward five long years and my new book is called “How Can…
Computer Hacker

The Right Time for a Pre-Breach Assessment is Actually Before You are Breached

It used to be that organizations’ information (either its own, or data that was entrusted to the organization) was relatively safe.  In the days before computers and the popularity of the Internet, someone could physically remove information.  While not as prevalent, even that can happen today.  But let’s face it,…
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