The Enneagram


A Universal Growth Process for Self-Mastery: A Tribute to David Daniels

What is Self-Mastery? What comes to your mind when I say self-mastery? It’s a strange term, isn’t it? It includes: Being aware of your own thoughts and feelings, and observing them without reacting to them. Accepting all the varied aspects of your personality. You no longer need to deny the…

What are Self-Observation and the Inner Observer?

The Enneagram personality system has changed my life. Not only do I understand why I do what I do, but I am more aware of my thinking, feeling and behavior patterns as they occur. How did I develop this self-awareness? Through the practice of self-observation. Self-observation is an awareness practice…

How Does Your Personality Affect Your Leadership?

After the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was selected as the CEO of Apple, Inc. Cook's personality is very different from his predecessor's, and just like you, his personality influences how he leads his company. There are many ways to evaluate personalities and my preferred system is The Enneagram…

Using the Enneagram: Denial As A Defense

After my first blog about some of my experiences as an Enneagram Type 8, I struggled with writing a second one. I spent several weeks thinking about follow-up topics, but I had no ideas and finally realized that I wasn’t experiencing typical writer’s block. My drawing a blank was actually…

Business Discovers the Enneagram

What resources do you use to improve your effectiveness? How do you learn what motivates others, so that you can adjust your leadership style to better interact with your employees? A perfect tool is the Enneagram. This powerful and respected personality system can be applied to a wide variety of…

Using The Enneagram: Discover How Your Core Belief Warps Your Perspective

One of the many things that I love about  being a CEO Coach with Vistage International is the challenge. I challenge my members to be better and they challenge me right back! One of my Peer Advisory Groups recently gave me some feedback and issued this challenge: They wanted to…

Understanding Yourself and Others Using The Enneagram

I believe that the health of company is directly related to the health of it’s leader. Therefore, my primary strategy, as a Vistage Chair, is to help my members learn and grow so that they can become better leaders. I became a Vistage Chair, I wanted to supplement my business…

Self Mastery-Busting the Personality Barrier

Self Mastery-Busting the Personality Barrier We’ve all experienced the leader who knows everything.  The successful, unaware individual who has not experienced failure and has had no reason to let go of past ideas and change his behavior.  As a result, his frame of mind shuts down learning and listening, prevents new…
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