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Winning Words

A client once asked, “Jeff, you always stress the value and significance of words and language. Is it really that big of a deal?" My response, “If you want long-term business-growth success, you bet! If instead, you want a quick path to extinction, fuh-ged-uh-bout-it!” Here are some examples: While at…

Exploring for Innovation

Have you ever thought about why some organizations are more innovative than others? If we looked closely at such companies, I bet we wouldn’t find the answers inside. No, innovation most often comes from outside of a company and therein lies the problem. If you and your team are spending…


If you’re a leader, attempting to get your team to “do something” they oughta be doing, because you know it’ll drive far better results, you may encounter challenges, resistance or push-back. Likely to sound, something like this. Your folks retort: “You want me to do what?!” “You’re kidding! That’s too…
Reduce email clutter; try Slack!

Reduce Email Clutter: Try Slack

What if I could show you how to improve your team’s productivity by one hour … for every employee … on every workday of the year. That would be equivalent to growing your workforce by roughly 15% without paying a single dollar more. I recently met a CEO in Portland,…
Keep moving forward! Know You Can Do It

KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 19 Tips to Move Forward

So what do you do when... Your people or members wonder, in economic flux... "How do I stay motivated, productive, create new business, generate profits and take care of current customers?" To help them move forward, here are 19 things I know: 1.  If you're a leader, LEAD! Your folks…

Podcasts and Podcasting

You’ve probably heard about the recent changes at Facebook to show more content from friends and family and less content from publishers and brands. Arrrggghhh! Well, even without the constant algorithm changes by the various services, there are (at least) two things that are incredibly hard about social media and…
Change your mindset!

Breaking Barriers & Raising Ceilings!

While the changes around you come fast and frequent, you might not adapt to them with the same sense of urgency or speed. While a key to your successful adaptation to change is physical—the actions you take because of change—it’s first mental—your mindset. You and I may look at the…


I’m listening to the first episode of the Exponential Wisdom podcast and heard an absolutely astounding prediction. In the next decade, we’ll see a 1,000X (AKA 100,000%) increase in information, an important measure of change. The hosts, Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan, went on to predict that same would happen…

Using Influence Mapping To Optimize Marketing ROI

The two hottest topics in marketing today are "Social Marketing" and "Marketing ROI." In this paper, you will see how understanding the true nature of Social Marketing points to a methodology — Influence Mapping — that provides marketing managers with a means to optimize their Marketing ROI. "Social Marketing is…

Killing Those Killer Distractions

A few months ago, I wrote about how autonomous vehicles (AKA self-driving cars) would usher in countless new behaviors such as enjoying a glass of wine during the ride home from work. It turns out that most of us, 71% according to AT&T, are already doing the equivalent of drinking…
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