Don’t Avoid it! Ask and Give Feedback Liberally

Don’t Avoid it! Ask and Give Feedback Liberally

How frequently do you provide or ask for feedback? In Vistage, we believe that feedback is a gift, and we give it liberally. It is core to how my members improve, and it enables them to see situations from new perspectives. Yet, most of the CEO’s and leaders that I know, find it a challenge. Because it is difficult, many choose to avoid it, and that is a critical mistake.

Feedback provides an opportunity to reinforce desirable behavior and correct the undesirable. In addition, it helps build an environment of trust, and it can be some of your most important communication with peers and employees.

Here are some articles to help improve your feedback skills and to encourage you to make asking for and giving feedback part of your daily routine.


Don’t Sugarcoat Negative Feedback

It’s much more fun (and, in the short term, rewarding) to praise your direct-reports than to deliver negative feedback. If you truly want to help a person change, restrict your sugarcoating to breakfast cereals! Deliver constructive feedback rapidly in its raw form. This doesn’t mean harshly; there’s a way to soften blows without delaying them if you strive to be empathic. Just never make it seem like you’re avoiding cold hard facts. That only makes those facts seem worse than they are. Read the rest of the “HBR” blog here.


Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

Remember that feedback is fundamentally a conversation.  It provides personally relevant information that helps a person make informed decisions about how to behave, and issues or stakeholders to consider. It is more common to receive feedback on “what” we did, but it is equally important to seek out feedback on “how” it was done, to understand our impact on others.  Read these tips summarized by Dartmouth.


This Revolutionary Tool Can Help Keep Employees Happy and Engaged

Let’s imagine you’ve just received an anonymous note from someone on your team. The message says that one of your employees has grown unhappy, feels neglected, and wishes you would recognize the extra time she’s spending on meeting your deadlines. The note writer says that she also feels that you need to do a better job of connecting with your employees, and she wanted to make you aware before anyone quit. Read this “Fast Co.” blog about a technology tool to receive more frequent feedback.


We Succeed When We Give Recognition

Do engaged employees get recognized more often, or are recognized employees more engaged? Read this blog to find out.


Getting Further With Feedback

Ken Blanchard said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”If you aren’t giving and receiving feedback your commitment to improvement and success is shallow at best. You’re stunting yourself and your organization.

Getting Started:

Giving good feedback doesn’t begin with talking! It begins with listening, asking questions, and watching  intently. Don’t assume that your perceptions are right. Try the “5 Why” method developed by Sakichi Toyoda of Toyota summarized in this blog.



How To Deal With Judgment and Criticism in a Healthy Way

It doesn’t matter how you choose to live your life- whether you build a business or work a corporate job; have children or choose not to have children; travel the world or live in the same town all of your life; go to the gym five times a week or sit on the couch every night—whatever you do, someone will judge you for it.Here are some tips on how to effectively cope with it.

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