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Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Embrace the Cloud

Last month, I wrote about the cloud (as in cloud computing) and explained why we call it that. Today, I’ll highlight why the cloud is better for the vast majority of companies, compared to the old way (buying and managing your own hardware and software). For the record, I’m referring…

What is Empathy, Really?

The dictionary defines empathy quite simply: “It’s the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” And for most of us, this simple sentence describes one of life’s greatest challenges. We come at everything from our point of view. Our personality, combined with our backgrounds and experiences, drive how we see…

What Makes a Great Vistage Chair and Executive Coach?

Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together successful CEOs, executives, and business owners into private peer advisory groups. From the beginning, Chairs have been the heart of what makes the Vistage experience so valuable to its members. “Chair” (short for Chairperson) is the title of the person who leads a…

What is The Difference between Vistage and YPO

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Dr. Napoleon Hill popularized the "Mastermind Group" concept. Hill regarded these groups as the secret to the success of all great men in both their businesses and personal lives. When CEOs realize that they don’t have all the answers, they may search for…

Why Your Business Needs the Cloud!

These days, people are constantly talking about “the cloud” (as in cloud computing). Did you ever wonder why they call it the cloud? According to Wikipedia, the origin of the term is unclear but they cite two possible sources dating to either 1977 or 1981. Since I joined a team…

Key Executive Program

After chief decision-makers of an organization join Vistage, they often become frustrated with implementing what they learn for two reasons: They can have difficulty explaining key points of Vistage speakers as well as the presenter. Then, their Key executives may not share the same level of enthusiasm for change as…

How much does Vistage Membership cost?

When I meet Business Owners, Presidents or CEO’s who are interested in learning more about Vistage, they always ask several questions including, “How much does Vistage cost?” The answer depends upon which program bests fits you. Vistage Peer Groups CEO Group- This group consists of CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners…

The Member Selection Process

How Do I Join Vistage? As you can imagine, fit and chemistry between members and their Vistage Chair are critical to a well-functioning peer group. My member selection process takes the time necessary to ensure that new members are a good fit and that there are no conflicts with existing…

How to Boldly Overhaul Your Brand And Save Your Business From Disaster

Here is another great blog from Andrea Simon. It’s a great example of how a brave leader used a crisis to spur dramatic change. Ever been on a sinking ship? That was the state of Centenary College when Dr. Kenneth L. Hoyt took over as president in 2001. To say…

Your Business Is Doing Great! But Are You on The Brink?

Here is a guest blog from Andrea Simon. It’s a great follow-up to my blog on learning from Chipotle’s Crisis. How could something called corporate anthology, help Chipotle and other businesses change proactively? Read on, and Andrea explains.  I always enjoy my workshops with CEOs. They teach me a lot…
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