Productivity: Time Wasters, Hacks and Doing Less

Productivity:  Time Wasters, Hacks and Doing Less

It seems that everyone is suffering from too much to do. There are countless consultants willing to help, though, with advice on how to accomplish more with your scarce and valuable time. The following  is a collection of blogs and articles that provide some thought-provoking advice on workload and productivity.


Productivity Hacks


Becoming more productive is something that everyone wants to achieve, but it can be a difficult task. Here is Inc.’s summary of productivity hacks that may help inspire you and supercharge your own personal productivity.



E-Mail Overload- A Legal Excuse?

Federal authorities recently accused multi-billionaire hedge fund founder Steven Cohen of allowing insider trading within his ranks. Cohen’s lawyers offered up a defense fit for our digital age: they claim that he didn’t see a key, incriminating email, because he receives an estimated 1,000 each day, and opens only 11 percent of them!  Without getting into the plausibility of that defense, this did raise the issue of relentless email overload and how people today are managing this onslaught. Read more From NPR, “How to Reply to Email Overload”.



Eliminate the Unproductive Tasks

The secret to a most-productive day seems very simple.We just need to rid ourselves of unimportant tasks and replace them with valuable ones. Read this Inc. blog to learn why this can be so difficult.



The Best Use of Time on a Plane

Not every minute of a business trip needs to be spent working. Read this Inc. Blog on “The Best Use of Business Travel” and return home in an improved state.


The Benefits of a “Time Out”

The biggest problem in the business world is not too little but too much- too many distractions and interruptions, too many things done for the sake of form, and altogether too much busy-ness. But a new school of thought says that real success may come from slowing down and keeping a “stop-doing” list. A recent Economist article “In Praise of Lazinessdiscusses how to call a “time out”.




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