Vistage Best Practices

Vistage offers it’s members a wealth of information on it’s website. Here are a few of their Best Practices white papers:

CEO Skills

Running a growing company may be the most challenging and demanding job on the planet. According to our Vistage experts, successful executives manage four key areas of organization: time, information, projects and people. As they do so, they experience the “four C’s” of personal organization: confidence, clarity, comfort and cohesion. These ideas and their practical outcomes are explored in detail in this module.

From an overview on how to bring more organization into your daily routine, to summaries on the most effective ways to be a coach to your team, you’ll find a wide variety of useful resources in the Vistage CEO Skills Development module that can be leveraged for the continued success of your business.

Goal Setting

It may come as a surprise, but one of our Vistage experts — who has addressed more than 200 Vistage groups on the subject of goal setting — found that many CEOs are not personally goal-oriented. “Many have succeeded in spite of having no goals at all. An organized program [of setting goals and carrying them out] is very rare,” he observes.

With that in mind, how can today’s executive get better at setting and keeping goals? This Vistage module is designed to guide you through some of the best practices as defined by experts and members alike.


What does it take to be an effective leader in today’s business world? That’s a multi-faceted question with no simple answer, but in this Vistage module, you’ll find a variety of approaches from business leaders who have implemented a number of leadership scenarios — and lived to tell the tale.

The leader’s vision must be both feasible and far-reaching. Our Vistage speakers urge CEOs to build a vision by expanding their intellectual horizons. Get out of the office and explore the world around you. Attend leadership seminars. Visit with other CEOs in organizations like Vistage.

IT Security

No matter what role information technology plays in your company — whether you’re heavily involved in the technology industry or simply use Microsoft Windows on your company’s computers — IT security is still a primary concern. Every company needs a reliable backup strategy for IT infrastructure, as well as a disaster recovery plan, a well thought-out approach to outsourced IT support, and a general knowledge on how to repel network attacks.

From details on creating a workable, reliable backup plan to an exploration of the pros and cons to cloud computing, from an overview of keeping your network safe from attacks to the best way to approach remote access, the Vistage IT Security Best Practices Module is designed to provide everything you need to know to stay on top of network and hardware security, now and in the foreseeable future.

Digital Marketing

We’re in the middle of a communication revolution, and it affects every facet of society — the way we shop, the way we work, how we educate our children and interact with each other. How do businesses put effective marketing strategies together in this new marketing landscape? What new principles exist? How do you win customers in a digital age?

According to digital marketing expert Grant Leboff, the foundation of success is to provide a different kind of value than traditional marketing messages that are increasingly being rejected. This Vistage module introduces the concepts of digital marketing, and is designed to help you create an effective context for your business messaging in today’s brave new marketing world.

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